Alusi® Candles Now Available in Canada

03. Oct 2013

Alusi - Family

Beginning this October, Alusi® multi-wick candles will be available in Canada!

Blending patterns found in nature with modern art and architecture, Alusi® candles create unique and engaging experiences as the multiple flames burn in unison. With their innovative wick composition, Alusi® candles are the perfect gifts and additions to any home. Choose from any of the thirteen avant-garde designs and be entranced by the luminosity of the elegant, moving sculpture.

To find your nearest retailer or to inquire further about Alusi® candles then please contact, our Customer Service Department at 1-800-277-5887 or your Jannex representative at 1-905-284-8484 or 1-800-668-8644.

Alusi® Candles Now Available in the UK

04. Jun 2013


Alusi Europa Ltd. are happy to announce that Alusi® Candles are now available to buy in the UK.

Due to their popularity in Germany these multi-flame candles will now be available in the UK starting today, Tuesday 4th June 2013.  Alusi® Candles blends patterns found in nature with modern art and architecture to create these multi-flame candles, which are available in 13 different sleek designs. Recently new to the world market, each candle with their innovative design and unique shape and burning path is the perfect gift or addition to your home.

Whether you choose the Lela Candle (‘The Grace’) or the Ava design (‘The Dancer’), you will discover an engaging experience when burning one of these beautiful candles.

Share your life and time with Alusi® Candles.

To find your nearest stockist or to enquire further about Alusi® Candles then please contact:

1 18 19 20 21